Formally trained in India in 2005, Catriona has been practicing yoga for over 15 years.

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Hatha Yoga Bondi
Hatha Yoga Bondi

Catriona came from a corporate background in IT and made the move to full time teaching in 2007. Although continually training and expanding her learning with teachers from India and around the globe, Catriona always comes back to the roots of classical Hatha yoga and ensures that each class incorporates gentle pranayama (breathing exercises), asana (postures) and meditation. 


Catriona has completed a course in 'Yoga Therapy’ in 2007 with Michael De Manicour and undertook specialised pregnancy training with Janice Clarifield from the US. Catriona is a mother and a qualified doula (birth support). She is happy to offer this service to her pregnant clients. 

Catriona believes that yoga is for everyone of all ages, shapes and sizes and that the essence and benefits of yoga can be accessed and felt by all.


“Speaking as a doctor working in a large public hospital – she balances a deep knowledge of varying yoga practices with just the right amount of humour, an occasional giggle and without taking herself too seriously. ”

- Dr Victoria Hounsfield