Yoga at Festivals

Shambhala Fields

Shambhala pic.jpg

Shambhala fields is a growing area of the Lost Paradise festival that provides yoga, mediation, body work, indigenous culture, workshops and talks.

It started 5 years ago as one small teepee with a chalk board out the front offering yoga and meditation classes, and has grown to become a multi staged area of the event. I have the lucky job of curating this expanding space and have the honour of connecting with internationally renowned yogi’s, cultural elders, scientists, workshop facilitators, healers, musicians and everyone in between.

I am passionate about making alternative practices, discussions, culture and science available to everyone of every age, size colour and creed. And I feel that in an ever increasing ‘conventional’ world, its important for [p to be immersed in workshops and talks and have access to thinkers who exist outside of the box.

Shambhala Fields is a place to connect, learn and ultimately be inspired.