Through her own journey of prenatal yoga and experiencing firsthand the benefits of having a doula, Catriona decided to become one herself. 

Sydney Doula Service
Sydney Doula Service

Catriona received her Doula qualification with ‘Birthright Australia’ under the mentorship of Susan Ross.

Practicing yoga and becoming a doula have been truly life changing practices for her. Catriona believes knowledge is best shared and she is passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge with couples and mums to be.

Testimonial for Doula with Catriona

Sydney Doula Service

“Cat is the most wise, grounded, strong and intuitive doula. She gently supported me through my pregnancy only offering me suggestions and support when I needed. 

She swooped in at the perfect moment during my birthing journey and was a calming and anchoring presence when I was in my most intense moments.... and if it wasn't for her I'm not sure I would have been so well nourished after our baby came earth side. 

She showed up with green juice, chocolate and veg quiche which I remember devouring in a frenzy after a 48 hour birthing ride. I am so grateful to Cat for helping me feel so nourished, and for packing a hospital bag for me when I was deep in labour... this support continued on post-partum. Cat is a special angel - a natural mama - a big sister - and the one that every woman wants in her birthing team.”

- Sarah Jane Perman.
Yoga teacher, womens circle facilitator and wellness coach.

Breech Birth of Emma & Toms Baby Girl


“Tom and I have lived in Australia for 5 years and when I became pregnant we decided that it was really important to set up a better support network for the pregnancy and birth. Having met Catriona, we instantly knew she was our doula! 

Cat was a huge support and had a wealth of information which was invaluable throughout the whole pregnancy. She enabled us to make well informed decisions which was especially important as it turned out our baby was breech. 

When it came to the birth she was very calm, cool and she helped us have the birth we wanted, under what turned out to be a not-a-straight-forward birth, as is often the case. After the birth the obstetrician mentioned how great and incredibly calm she was.

On a personal level Cat is lovely and kind, and has a really gentle presence. It goes without saying that we’d highly recommend her.”


“Calming, Grounded & Intuitive” Doula Service with Catriona


As your doula, I am committed to walking the journey of pregnancy with you and supporting you through birthing your baby into the world.  



Yoga for Expecting Mums

I believe a gentle and rounded yoga and mediation practice has far reaching benefits for both mother and baby. 

In yoga sessions as an expecting mother, you can:

  • allow yourself to stretch and move

  • give yourself time to connect with the changing sensations within your physical body

  • create valuable time and space to listen and communicate with your unborn child

It is this ability to go inward and to listen to the instinctive intelligence within you that will guide you through the birth process.