I am Catriona; yoga practitioner, mother, doula, jewellery designer and lover of life.  


I am passionate about assisting people in re-awakening their inner joy, peace and power. Through the practices of asana (postures) meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises), we learn to open up the physical body and maximise ‘prana’ (life force). When we sit quietly we have an opportunity to tap into the brilliant intelligence that lives within every cell of the human body. The tantric idea that the whole universe exists within us and not the other way around is a powerful reminder of how expansive we are. In the modern world many have lost this sense of connection, not only to self but to the world around them. My classes help people rediscover the pathway ‘home’. I fuse this into my doula support for couples bringing new life earth side and also when creating jewellery designs. I like to offer people treasured pieces that have meaning and purpose and act as little talismans when worn.  

I help re-awaken your joy and power through yoga, Doula and meaningful jewellery.


Catriona qualified as a hatha yoga teacher with the Saraswati academy in India in 2005.

She has been travelling back and forth to India ever since and is a constant student of her beloved teacher Clive Sheridan (Byron bay) who has inspired her interest in pranayama practices.

In 2007 Catriona completed a teacher training on 'Yoga Therapy’ with Michael De Manicor. A year later she went on to qualify in 'Radiant Child program' level 1 and 2 with Shakta Kaur Khalsa. And also teacher training with Donna Farhi.

Whilst pregnant with her first child Catriona then completed specialist pre-natal teacher training with Janice Clarifield from the US and went on to qualify as a Doula under the mentorship of Susan Ross - Birthrite Australia.

In 2016 Catriona travelled to NZ to study with Shiva Rea in Prana vinyasa.

The study of yoga, mediation and enquires of the mind body connection is an ongoing passion!!!